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Skiveers News; Closing for mud season, returning June 11th

sand dunes photo with rainbows

Just another mud season in Colorado


Skiveers is moving for mud season.  We will be closed from May 11th thorough June 11th.

Thanks for a great Winter season, we’ll see everyone in the Summer.

FYI- our Town of Frisco restaurant permit for the food cart is mobile even though we have a full comissary kitchen inside, so we have agreed to move it in the off-seasons to prove that it is, in fact, mobile. This is our time to move it, take a breath and get ti ready for next season.





Skiveers News; Burton shoots a video of Mikkel Bang at our business

burton bang

Katie and Bang

Congratulations to this month’s star employee, Katie, for getting into a Burton video with Mikkel Bang.  I think that makes her famous for more than her ability to cook abelskivers.  Everyone knows Burton and knows they have great riders; Mikkel is no exception.

The video isn’t going into one of their promos or films until November; free Skiveers for the first person to find the Burton video in the Fall.  If you don’t know Mikkel, check out the video below.

Mikkel doesn’t do much tweeting, but when he does it looks like this:


Breckenridge has its longest season ever in its 52 year history


Breckenridge, celebrates its longest season in history

Closing weekend for Breckenridge and Copper Mountain, you would think the world would be sad, but, between giddy tourists in shorts and snowboard gear, seasonal employees looking to relax after a long and busy season, well, the place gets downright rowdy.

Take a look at the closing weekend details in this article by the Summit Daily News.  And, when you need some food, stop by Skiveers.

Crazy fun, new and unique food experience- Try Skiveers


A look at one way we do the Skiveers ball

Looking for something unique to eat?  How about a memory maker for the whole family that’s inexpensive and unforgetable?  Want an alternative to boring lunch?

Welcome to Skiveers.  this restaurant is  on Main Street in Frisco, Colorado and it has all of Summit county talking.  The food is unique because we make Skiveers in the form of a ball.  Omlet balls, Pizza Balls, Pancake balls.  They all come with a flovored butter– isn’t that vierd?– no, because they are Danish. Stop by and try a sample.

Skiveers- fantastically tasty

Skiveers outside photo

Snowy day in Frisco

Most people have never had an Abelskiver, boo.  At Skiveers, we think everyone shoud try our tasty Skiveers to really make sure they haven’t been missing out.  If you have an allergy, we can help.  Have a hankering for something extremely yummy?  We can help.  Welcome to Skiveers, enjoy your smile.

Family Friendly Restaurant in Frisco, Colorado


Skiveers, Join the Food Revolution

Looking for something new? Ever try exotic finger food?

Skiveers is a food revolution that is a great, healthy, alternative.

We sell hot fre sh food in the shape of a ball; we have ham and cheese balls; raspberries and chocolate balls, egg and cheese balls.

Balls cost less that $5.00 for a set of three and come with a flavored fluff butter? Never had a flavored fluff butter?  They come in such flavors as Cinnamon fluff butter, Nutella fluff butter, honey butter, and for the Savory Balls, we have a parmesean/garlic butter.

Our drive is for healthy, small batch. fresh ingredients that make for great recepies.

Glutards welcome, dairy-free- we got ya, no eggs- we can that also.  we have been developing generations of receipes to feed all those with allergies.