Our Story

Skiveer was founded in 2012 with the goal of starting a unique food experience for people wanting a fresh, healthy, and tasty food experience.

Æbleskivers were first invented by Vikings.  After a particularly difficult battle, some of the Norse fighters got separated from the rest of the group.  Having no pan to cook on, the Vikings lay their shields on the fire & cooked their favorite dinner, pancakes!  Dents in their shields (from the battle) formed Æbleskivers.  The tradition is still carried on today by the Danish during the holidays.

Our Skiveers have been infused with healthy fruits, meats and cheeses and can accomodate almost any food allergy.  Each recipe has been owner-desigend to provide the best compliation of taste and texture.

We are local owned and operated, love to volunteer our time, and love to contribute to our community.

Open 11-5 Daily, A food revolution, Your favorite foods done unlike anything you've ever eaten.